Folding carton demand set to outstrip supply in 2022, while extraordinary demand for corrugated boxes eases (Copy)

Demand for folding cartons could grow by almost 5% in 2022, with supply still struggling to keep up, according to experts.

Paper packaging industry analysts at NOA say indications are that demand across Europe for folding cartons will rise by 4.9% this year (compared to 3.7% in 2021), and nearly 2% of this growth is due to the replacement of plastics.

“Ironically, it is increased demand for plastic which has partly fuelled this green wave,” said Neil Osment, Managing Director of NOA.

“When the pandemic first hit, and so many of us were shopping from home, much of our food came wrapped in plastic. Food and drink producers were already exploring a switch over to paper and, when demand for plastic rose, this trend accelerated.”