Laminated Cardboard

lasticized single-sided cardboard is a versatile material available in different variations and bases including: gray/gray, white/gray, or in laminated format. This material is laminated on one side with a polyester film, which can have different colors such as: Gold, Silver, Pearl, Black or Transparent upon request we can customize the color.

This type of cardboard is suitable for a wide range of uses, including food use, as it provides a protective barrier and attractive presentation. The availability of different colors, makes it a versatile choice for multiple applications, while ensuring food safety and an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Maximum and minimum sizes of the sheets:

600x600mm. / 1400x1400mm.

Grammages / thicknesses:

from a minimum of 600 gr. (thickness 0,9mm.) to a maximum of 1200 gr. (thickness 1,6mm.)