Cartiera Cama

Advanced technologies for maximum product quality

The Company has been established since 1966; currently, administrative Headquarters are located in Vigevano (PV) and production takes place in our plant in Lallio (BG) that is provided with a continuous flow machine with working width of 240 cm.
The plant has a productive and warehouse area of 20.000 sqm and it can produce 140 tons of cardboard a day.

We produce chipboard in sheets (in the sizes required by the Customer):

  • grey/grey
  • white/grey
  • white/white

With grammages weighting from:

  • a minimum of 600 gr/sqm (thickness 0,85 mm.)
  • a maximum of 1.350 gr/sqm for grey/grey cardboard (thickness 1,8 mm.)
  • a maximum of 1.250 gr/sqm for white/grey and white/white cardboard (thickness 1,7 mm.)

We can also die-cut using our standard die-boards or getting die-boards realized upon Customers’ designs.

During the last years, we got further specialized in production of:

  • laminated cardboard with Gold, Silver, Pearl, Black or Transparent film (or other kinds of films supplied by the Customer).
  • printed cardboard with required colours.
Tons of cardboard produced in the last year
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