BIR Convention: Paper Division president warns of export challenges

Officials said flows of recovered fiber are under “serious threat” from proposed changes to EU shipment legislation

During the most recent Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) Paper Division meeting May 23, the committee was told major international flows of recovered fiber were under serious threat from proposed changes to European Union waste shipment legislation despite current figures underlining the pivotal role recovered fiber plays in the production of paper and paperboard globally.

According to Francisco Donoso of Spain-based Dolaf Servicios Verdes SL and divisional president of the committee, worldwide consumption of recovered fiber in 2020 totaled more than 208 million metric tons, with 182 million metric tons absorbed by packaging alone—accounting for more than 70 percent of that sector’s needs. The newsprint sector consumed approximately 64 percent of recovered fiber, while tissue’s figures were near 17 percent and printing and writing around 10 percent.