Europe’s bioeconomy is a readily available solution to the EU’s dependence on fossil fuels

Cepi’s thoughts are with our colleagues and the people of Ukraine who are suffering an unbearable war. Today, we see how the unprovoked and unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine has become a dramatic wakeup call to strengthen the European Union’s energy security and to build its strategic autonomy. In this context, the forest fibre-based industry offers readily available solutions to address the serious shortcomings of Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels.

In its communication, RePowerEU: Joint European action for more affordable, secure and sustainable energy, the European Commission focuses on reducing Europe’s dependence on energy imports. Access to affordable clean energy is paramount to keep operations in our sector going. For months, the pulp and paper industry has been enduring high energy prices, which are skyrocketing in the recent days. Therefore, the long-overdue actions at both national and EU levels to secure the industry’s future in Europe remain critical.