Certification ISO 14001

Environmental care as goal for the Company:
what does it mean for Cartiera Cama and Cartiera Marchigiana?

Cartiera Cama and Cartiera Marchigiana both attained the environmental Certification according to the ISO 14001 standard (click on the below links to see the respective certificates).

Cartiera Cama

Certificate ISO 14001 number 204158-2016-AE-ITA-ACCREDIA and certificate ISO 50001

Cartiera Marchigiana

Certificate ISO 14001 - number EMS-6317/S and certificate ISO 50001 - number EnergyMS-213

This goal has been achieved thanks to the common certainty that a positive handling of the environment contributes to guarantee the furtherance of the success of our Companies.

In fact, for both Companies, since some years, the environmental care takes on priority importance:

  • For the production development
  • In the purchase area
  • In the production
  • In the procurement process
  • In the waste disposal process

Now, thanks to the achievement of the Certification according to ISO 14001 standards, our production plants are able to conduct the environmental care activities in a systematic way, with exact measurements which are documented through periodic audits by a third party qualified organism.

By the implementation of the Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001 standards, our mills confirm their effort towards the environmental care and workers health.

We are sure that the efforts and resources we have invested in the virtuous management of this system will allow us to achieve the excellence of our performances also in the environmental field.

Logo Cartiera Cama

Sede legale e uffici:
Vigevano (PV) 27029, Via Gianolio, 31

Stabilimento produzione:
Lallio (BG) 24040, Via Centrale, 1

Cod. Fisc. e P.IVA 00183550185

Logo Cartiera Marchigiana

Sede legale e stabilimento:
Montelupone (MC) 62010, Via Enrico Fermi, 29

Sede Amministrativa:
Vigevano (PV) 27029, Via M. Gianolio, 31

Cod.Fisc. e P.IVA 00084100437

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