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Forest Stewardship Council®

Both Cartiera Cama and Cartiera Marchigiana have decided to adopt, in the range of their production processes, the modalities provided for by the international FSC standard.

Both the Companies have gone through the Council audit achieving the FSC certificate. Then, they are already entitled to sell their own production cardboard and cardboard produced by other FSC certified companies (commercialized cardboard), labelled with the “recycled FSC” logo.

In this way, our paper factories result in conformity with the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council, a non-governmental and non-profit-making international organization, which promotes a sustainable and responsible forest management in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards. With the achievement of this important target, Cartiera Cama and Cartiera Marchigiana put definitely into effect their commitment in defense of environment, contributing to a responsible utilization of forest resources through the use of recycled boards.

Our certificates are detailed hereunder:

Cartiera Cama

Our license key to use the logo is C066508. Certificate number INT-COC-001049 registered to Cartiera Cama (click on the number to view and/or press it) is valid from 5 March 2020 to 04 March 2025.

Cartiera Marchigiana

Our license key to use the logo is C100454
Certificate number INT-COC-001051 registered to Cartiera Marchigiana (click on the number to view and/or press it) is valid from 14/07/2020 to 09/07/2020.


Forests safeguard

Being FSC certified means, among other things, that Cama is capable to satisfy the requirements of the most environmentally sensitive and responsible final customers. In fact, Cama is now able to supply to its Customers a cardboard that is officially certified as “recycled” by an independent organization: the Forest Stewardship Council.

By purchasing Cama's FSC cardboard, those of our customers that are also FSC certified will now be able to propose, manufacture and sell environmentally compatible, FSC branded products.

The FSC certification identifies, with the “FSC RECYCLED” logo, Cama's cardboard production.

What above, is the result of the fact that Cama uses the following materials in its own manufacturing cycle:

  • “post-consumer” recycled fibers (waste paper coming from separate municipal collection);
  • wood and wood derivatives (e.g. wood pulp), themselves FSC certified.

By doing this, Cama avoids using wood and wood derivatives coming from non-controlled origins (such as illegal woods cutting) and contributes to the preservation of forests and communities depending on them.


How does FSC® chain of Custody works

The FSC chain of custody certification, in which Cama now is actively participating, is an indispensable prerequisite for all those companies that intend to sell FSC products, or to use FSC brands and registered declarations.

Such certification is essential for all those companies that purchase and want to sell products as FSC material.

Even those companies that do not perform any transformation of FSC material, be it wood or paper, and limit themselves to selling it with or without its physical ownership, need the certification anyway to be able to sell it as FSC

The FSC chain of custody is a traceability process that assures the certified origin of a wood or wood-based product.

All transformation and handling phases must be verified and identified – starting from the forest, recycled material source or final consumer – for a wood product coming from certified forest or recovered wood to be branded with the FSC logo.

Only when all links in the FSC chain of custody have been certified, a product can be branded with the FSC logo. A single missing link in the chain of custody is enough to make it impossible to use the FSC logo downstream of it.

For any further information, you can contact our Consultant in charge for the FSC Chain of Custody System for Cama and Marchigiana: Mr. Davide Bettanti - ph. +39 0381 71498– e-mail: davide.bettanti@cartieracama.it

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