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Growing demand for packaging and hygiene papers while COVID 19 impacts overall paper and board consumption

Despite the slowing down of the European economy and the sanitary restrictions, most of the mills ran without disruptions in 2020; even if some operated at reduced speed because of lower levels of demand. According to preliminary figures, the demand for packaging paper and board continued to grow in 2020 especially materials used for transport packaging and corrugated boxes, as they benefited from the e-commerce boom related to the sanitary crisis.


Is the circular economy transition fast enough?


Recent survey by DNV and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) reveals that circular economy is rising on corporate agendas across geographies. 

Despite the growing attention in the public, among legislators and companies, the shift to business models that design waste out of the system seems to progress slowly.

“So far, growing stakeholder and regulatory pressures such as the EU Circular Economy Action Plan adopted in March 2020 do not seem to have impacted the transition speed significantly,” says Luca Crisciotti, CEO in Supply Chain & Product Assurance in DNV. “With only 5.9% of the companies indicating a leading approach coupled with the limited uptake of business model innovation, there is much left to be done before we reach a state of true circular economy required to shift from a linear take-make-waste industrial model to significantly impact our UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Mill demand for recovered paper remains high


Demand is outpacing supply of recovered paper in the June buying period, and some anticipate this trend will continue throughout the summer.

Recyclers across the U.S. have noticed an uptick in demand for recovered paper.  

“Everyone is begging for more cardboard and mixed paper,” says a material recovery facility (MRF) operator based in the South. “It seems like mill inventories are low, and they are crying that they need this material. It’s why we saw an increase in prices month over month.”  




Pandemic delivers transformation for the packaging industry

The packaging industry will never beat a pulse, but the pandemic has caused an unlikely transformation in the state of its most well-known product: the humble cardboard box.

With blackouts that forced millions to go online for almost everything over the past 18 months, the daily arrival of packages has provided many with a rare shiver of excitement in a world devoid of shops, restaurants, cinemas and travel.


Paper industry crisis leaves corrugated box makers in a quandary

 Hit by shortage of raw materials and their costs doubling since Covid  

The crisis in the paper industry, which is facing raw material shortage and rising input costs, has affected the corrugated box or brown box manufacturers, who play a key role in the supply chain. The boxes are used in packing anything from electronics to e-commerce to farm produce to FMCG items that are used in daily life.   

“Prices of kraft paper, which is used for manufacturing corrugated boxes have doubled — a record — in the last two years. In the last few months itself, prices have gone up by 25 per cent,” said Sanjay Rajgarhia, President, Indian Corrugated Case Manufacturing Association


Press release: EU Commission Proposal for a Regulation on ecodesign underlines important principles of sustainability

Mar 30, 2022

Today, the European Commission presented its proposal for a Regulation on ecodesing for sustainable products. The Regulation provides an overarching framework to ensure sustainability considerations are properly accounted for, before a product is placed on the internal market.

The Commission has worked on setting guidelines for sustainable product design, aiming to make products fit for a climate-neutral, resource efficient and circular economy, while reducing waste generation. The proposal also aims to ensure that the performance of frontrunners in sustainability progressively becomes the norm. The pulp and paper industry is already leading in many areas of sustainability, and has pledged to further support the development of sustainable products. However, Cepi, the Confederation of European pulp and paper producers, considers that two important requirements for products sustainability could figure more prominently in the proposed Regulation.

Pulp mill waste hits the road instead of the landfill

Waste materials from the pulp and paper industry have long been seen as possible fillers for building products like cement, but for years these materials have ended up in the landfill. Now, researchers at UBC Okanagan (University of British Columbia Okanagan campus) are developing guidelines to use this waste for road construction in an environmentally friendly manner.



Spike in Frozen Food Sales Creates Strong Demand for Paper Products

The global COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we have gone about everyday life over the last 10 months… and counting. Some of these changes will carry long-lasting structural implications that will impact not just "home" life, but also global markets. However, many of these alterations are also creating a number of opportunities within various industries that the pulp and paper sector serves, including frozen food packagers.

Strong domestic box demand keeps OCC prices up

Box demand has been strong since the summer of 2020, helping to boost old corrugated container prices. But sources say prices could plateau.

Domestic recovered paper demand stayed strong in September, and prices for all grades of recovered paper have increased slightly as well. But a few recovered paper brokers say generation is off from where it usually is this time of year.

“Summertime traditionally tends to be a little slow anyway because people are on vacation,” a broker based on the West Coast says. “If you look at the seasonality, in the fall, generation should be picking up. I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not.”

He says demand among domestic buyers is strong for tissue grades such as sorted office paper (SOP) and coated book stock—particularly as there is some need for away-from-home tissue products as fewer COVID-19 restrictions are in place this year—but he adds that the demand could also be the effect of extremely soft generation levels.

Strong folding carton demand leads to supply chain challenges

Folding carton volumes have grown significantly during 2021, driven by a surge in sales of food and beverage packaging. Meanwhile, converters are experiencing growing supply chain disruption associated with the ‘perfect storm’ of COVID-19 factors, especially regarding raw material deliveries of cartonboard.

Survey finds recycling facilities at parks & beaches most in-demand

The British public think parks and beaches are the most in need of improved recycling facilities, according to new research by Every Can Counts.

Two-thirds of respondents (68%) think these public spaces lack sufficient recycling facilities, following their increased use over spring and summer due to Covid restrictions.

This is up from 54% who felt more bins were needed in 2020.

 Six in 10 also feel that a greater number of on-street bins are required to make recycling easier on-the-go, and 55% are calling for more recycling points at music and sporting events.

Two Sides: the paper industry undeservedly suffers from an environmental perception problem

Two Sides’ latest study ‘Paper’s Place in a Post-Pandemic World’ aims to understand changing consumer perceptions towards print, paper, paper packaging and tissue products. This unique insight into consumer attitudes towards one of the world’s oldest and universally used materials will be repeated biennially to monitor and report upon evolving consumer perceptions as environmental awareness intensifies and alternative digital channels of communication become prevalent.



US packaging papers shipments up 7.2 percent

The American Forest & Paper Association has published its October 2018 U.S. Packaging Papers & Specialty Packaging Monthly report. According to the report, total U.S. Packaging Papers shipments were up 7.2 percent compared to October 2017 and up 3.1 percent year-to-date.

In October:

- Bag & Sack shipments were up 6.0 percent year-to-date,

- Multiwall shipments were up 0.9 percent,

- Converting shipments were up 0.7 percent,

- Food Wrapping shipments were up 2.5 percent.


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