Day: March 17, 2021

Germany still under threat of waste paper shortage

Germany may face with a shortage of waste paper, which may lead to the shortage of toilet paper and newspapers in the country, according to recent statements, made by some German state officials and some local media reports.

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Spike in Frozen Food Sales Creates Strong Demand for Paper Products

The global COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we have gone about everyday life over the last 10 months… and counting. Some of these changes will carry long-lasting structural implications that will impact not just “home” life, but also global markets. However, many of these alterations are also creating a

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A Successful first-ever PaperWeek Virtual 2021

The first-ever PaperWeek Virtual is just behind us and we are excited to announce a record participation in recent years! Over 960 took part in the 107th edition of PaperWeek, including over 700 participants from mills, making the event one of the best industry events in the world ratio-wise. For

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